ESL / Lingua Franca Institute


- The Currency for Success

Dating back to antiquity, people around the world have used a lingua franca or "common language" in order to conduct inter-cultural commerce and trade. Never has this been more important than now. We are in the midst of a technological era where English is the not only the common language for international business but also for computer technology. With information and international business at the tip of our fingers, English is the Currency for Success.


The Lingua Franca Institute emphasizes three basic principles in the implementation of our programs: Time, Practice, and Accuracy.

Time - Our school recognizes the value of your time. Our students rapidly acquire skills for everyday communication while perpetually moving onto other language skills. It is our goal to prepare our students for effective English communication in social, business, and academic settings with your time in mind.

Practice - Classrooms at The Lingua Franca Institute are designed to provide intense speaking, listening, and writing opportunities tailored to the specific proficiency level of our individual students.

Accuracy - We believe it is important to pay attention to details when learning a language. Our focus is on introducing and teaching native English to our students and specifying the differences between common non-native linguistic mistakes and perfect native speech. As a result, our students achieve a level of functional speech that elevates them into their next phase of life.


For over 25 years, Washington Baptist University has striven to educate our students with these three principles in mind while providing the perfect outlet through The Lingua Franca Institute. Since 1997, WBU has provided a specialized ESL education. Currently, we pride ourselves as the largest and most respected ESL institute for Korean students in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Superior Teaching - Any prospective student should expect caring and talented instruction from our entire faculty. Many of our teachers hold Masters' degrees and substantial in-class experience in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Each instructor is passionate about teaching with an understanding of cultural differences.

Individual Attention - The Lingua Franca Institute offers small class sizes and opportunities for private tutoring. We understand the special circumstances and needs that come with being: an I-20 student, new to the Washington DC area, or with just learning a foreign language. Whether it's a teacher, an admission officer, or college staff member, Washington Baptist University's Lingua Franca Institute goes to great lengths to meet our students' needs.

          - One-on-one conferences with teachers

          - After-class extended learning programs

          - I-20 support

          - Transferring to or from another college or university

          - Spiritual counseling

Reasonable Pricing - We don't believe that students have to pay more for a quality education. A large part of our success has come from strong ethics and people-centered principles making our program even more attractive to people who want a high quality education.

Location- Located only a few minutes outside of Washington DC in Virginia, The Lingua Franca Institute also offers students the opportunity to explore our nation's capital and its important cultural and historical opportunities. Virginia is often referred to as "the birthplace of America", while also being home to George Washington's historic Mount Vernon residence which is also located only minutes away from our school. Whether you like the big city, natural waterfalls, designer shopping, or just a place that feels like home, you can find it all only minutes away from Washington Baptist University's Lingua Franca Institute.